Video Review: Christina Aguilera “You Lost Me”

Strained bells chime can be heard over the barrel of a smoking golden gun. In her dark bedroom, she stares off, her face shiny and free of make up after hours of crying.

In what was once their room, only the mattress remain. It was as though no one lived there at all. She folds her arms against her chest, thinking of how special they were together. She touches the bed, thinking of when they conceived their child. She clutches the bedpost, remembering another woman slept with him in their bed and she has to turn away. Against the bedpost, Aguilera’s face is inverted. Superimposed over the image is a softer Aguilera, walking around the bedroom.

Feeling dead, she lies outside on the mud and simply rests. The sun rises and she gets up, gathering some life in her. However, she doesn’t want to go on. Her ex-husband, concerned, tries to pick her up. She screams and shouts for him to leave her alone. Eventually, he holds her waist and gets her off the ground but she shoves him away, crying. She peels off her black sweater.

A bright, white light shines. Aguilera, now wearing all white, holds onto her hair and shakes her head. She falls onto the ground and beats her chest. Now, in pale blue light of the stars, Aguilera watches from above.


Rating: 3/5

Far more interested in emotion than gloss, minimal sets are used and there is a lot of emphasis on light to convey emotion. She is broken and can barely hang on. The sadness doesn’t seem to end. It’s funereal mood lingers throughout without only a brief glimmer of hope. Nonetheless, it’s implied that the pain has taken her in at the end. Aguilera does go overboard, though (shaking her head constantly and nearly ripping out her hair) that it does take away from the video.


Director: Anthony Mandler Year: 2010

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