Video Review: Dream “This Is Me”

At the club, the DJ watches the crowd, reacting to his music while his spins a record on the turntable.

Melissa walks through her gold-lined foyer with two hanging light fixtures that resemble a blossoming flower. She kicks the screen with her foot. She struts down the hallway, treating it as a runway, as she should. Wearing an olive-green jacket, black top, black jeans, and boots, she looks like a college girl who prefers to stay with the trends but wants to be sophisticated, too.

Filmed in silhouette, Diana dances in blue lights with an angled background behind her. She headbangs and flares her skirt. Holly lounges around in red bedroom. She shakes her head at the other girl’s petty behavior. In the all-white room, Ashley, dressed like a pimp, jumps off the couch and then throws plastic, transparent balls around. She is the epitome of ridiculousness. She may as well be dressed as a clown.

Diana had practice for a skateboarding competition. The girls decide to go and support her. Holly talks about her boyfriend’s mistrust of her. Diana, with her arm around of the player’s shoulders, thanks him for his help. Diana grabs her skateboard and prepares for her run. Ashley, thankfully, has changed and left the pimp outfit at home.

Back at the club, the girls arrive in a limousine. A person dressed a brown dog opens the door for them. Holly and Diana can’t believe they are actually there. Ashley is blasé about it all. Melissa waves to fans.

On stage, they decide to hold a concert and perform. The crowd cheers for them. Diana moshes. The girls put their arms around each other and then end the song.

Rating: 2/5

The scattered video refuses to settle down. Each girl gets a color and a theme. Melissa and Diana received the best ones (gold foyer and blue spotlight) However, Melissa must’ve ticked off the director at some point and was given the blood-red room and Ashley, unfortunately, isn’t anybody’s favorite. She gets the all-white pimp room. Then, it’s discovered that Diana has an interest in skateboarding and finally, it’s time for an impromptu performance. It’s three plotlines smashing into each other without making any sense.

     Director: Marcus Raboy  Year: 2001


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