Video Review: Tiffany “Radio Romance”

At the radio station, the DJ picks up the call. Tiffany, who is on her break at the diner, responds with “from the one who loves you, baby” Meanwhile, her best friend’s boyfriend gets into his car and turns on the radio, hearing the song on the short drive over to the diner. It’s every time she and her friend share a shift together at the exact time. He is guaranteed to hear it every single time, either on his way or inside the diner. When he walks in, she can’t help but smile.

Behind the counter, Tiffany and her best friend stop mid-conversation once her boyfriend walks in. Tiffany hands her the menu and directs her to him. Tiffany wipes down the counter, with one eye on him. He grabs her friend’s hand while they walk to the booth. He doesn’t want let her go at first. He twirls her and she giggles.

Two guys walk in and she seats them at a booth. She can barely squeak out a hello. She tells them their waitress will be right over and walks back to the counter, wanting her shift to be over now.

The waiter arrives, doing a spin move with his feet before taking his order. He adjusts his glasses on his nose and then gets right in their face. In between, she looks at the record albums on the wall, an idea occurring to her. Her best friend says no. It’s not going to happen. No, no, no.

Tiffany swings on the stool, watching everyone. A guy asks a kid if he could move. The kid gestures that it’ll take some money. The guy hands over some money. The kid, smug, stretches out the money. The guy grabs the kid by the shoulders and removes him from the booth. A little girl, dressed as a fairy princess, whispers into Tiffany’s ear. With her wand, she taps Tiffany on the head. Her best friend laughs. The little kid is such a jerk. She’s been wanting to do that for a long time herself.

Tiffany, and two other co-workers, dressed in black, lacy gothic gowns with black, gigantic bows on their hands, begin to perform a dance routine. The co-workers fall into two male customers’ laps. They laugh and giggle. However, Tiffany pulls them off, reminding them that they have a job to do. After a break, they dance. A bodybuilder stands by them, his arms across his chest. Later, he does push-ups.

It’s time for another performance. Her co-workers block her in the back. However, Tiffany shoves her way back to the center, knocking one of the girl’s shoulders to get her out of the way. Somehow, the little girl has decided it looks like fun and wants in. Tiffany holds onto her while performing while secretly looking for the girl’s mother.

Two bodybuilders compete against one another. Then one of them carries the little girl with a huge grin on his face. She and her co-workers get out the hula hoops. Tiffany’s hair gets caught in the gigantic bow. She’ smiling while trying not to rip it out. The little girl winks and then taps with her wand. She is then seen counting the pile of money. The little girl then taps a sports car with her magic wand. Poof! Tiffany is in it, smiling, happy to have stolen her best friend’s guy.


Rating: 1/5

It starts off well and normal. Tiffany and her best friend work at after-school job. Her best boyfriend comes in to see her and it tears Tiffany up. Then, every day on her break, she annoys the local DJ to play the song. Then, Tiffany hatches a plan.

The gothic Supremes routine is Tiffany at her worst: pushy, tightly wound and attention-getting, the focus must be on her at all times. However, chaos ensues at the diner when bodybuilders are there, a cute little girl with a magic wand steals money, and a dog randomly sits in a booth. The best friend and boyfriend disappear into the background, not to be seen ever again. Weren’t they the entire point? No one and nothing comes across well in the video. People stoop the lowest and creepiest (in terms of the bodybuilder) to get something out of someone else.

Director: N/A  Year: 1989

Tiffany Radio Romance


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