Video Review: Gwen Stefani “Make Me Like You (LIVE)”

Asleep on the stairs, Gwen Stefani awakes from underneath a wreath of cars. Some smoke appears and lights flicker. Then, she gets pulled to another set with a wall full of bicycle wheels and steps too close back to the car set. As though recognizing the error, she returns to the bicycle wheel set and stays close to the pink barricade.

A woman puts a robe on her and she walks into the beauty salon set. There, women in the chairs, kicking their legs in the air. Her stylist pulls her chair and she fluffs her hair. He spins her and someone hands her a magazine. She walks onto another set. To distract everyone from her getting ready, the women in the beauty salon move their arms around and read their magazines.

She walks through a sequined curtain, leading to a three-way mirror and puts on a jacket. While she’s changing into another outfit, two men dance in a red and white tunnel. She walks through it. Meanwhile, four people with Gwen Stefani masks dance with snowflake poms pons. She pretends to bump into them.

She walks to another set with a spiraling black and white circle. She sits on a motorcycle. Two other dancers go on the other motorcycles as they pretend to drive to the next set.

Moving to a red curtain, she puts her hands up in the air as a women ties a bow around her. The curtain is open and she is at diner named Blake’s. A guy wipes the counter. The waiters dance. People are sitting at the table. She stops by the piano man and has an important realization.

However, another person moves her to a red and black striped roller rink. There, she skates and accidentally moves out of frame. A guy moves her back to the center of it. Then, oops! She’s out of frame again. The guy gets her again and decides to hold onto her. He dances with her and then she pretends to fall.

Then, she rises from a huge red rose to the top of the set while red glitter falls. People clap and applaud.

Rating: 2/5

The LIVE! aspect is there throughout. It’s obvious each section is a set and staged down to the last moment. As a result, none of it comes across real. It may as well be a filmed dress rehearsal and gives the impression that there were many behind-the-scenes problems that caused actual locations to be lost. It’s as though it was the best that Team Gwen Stefani could do with less than ideal circumstances.

     Director: Sophie Muller  Year: 2016


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