Video Review: Tove Lo “Moments”

After being dragged into a police station by two police officers, screaming in her bare feet, Tove Lo is placed in the interrogation room. She yells and kicks. Eventually, she calms down and sits in the corner, one arm folded beside her while the other rests on the head.

Later, she has a scheduled appointment with a therapist. Her therapist wants her to explain her actions. She inquires if drugs, depression or a boyfriend caused her to commit a crime. Lo, staring down at the floor, answers no. The therapist probes deeper, asking her “what was it?” Lo responds that she doesn’t know. The therapist believes that she’s broken and never did anything right. Lo turns her head away, thinking of the boyfriend she used for sex although he did sincerely love her, her father belittling her for crying after he shouted at her for an hour, the sadness she feeds with pills. She repeats it back to therapist. The therapist asks her if she feels better.

Lo decides there is no way out. She speeds down the road and crashes into a pole at a convenience store. She stumbles out of the car, removing a stray heel from her feet. She dances through the beverage and frozen food aisles. The cashier doesn’t even look up from her magazine. At the pharmacy, she grabs an open pill bottle and downs every single pill. As she digests the pills, she sees herself drowning, unable to breathe.

She dances through a church in a black gown and a white veil. She holds hands with a seventysomething man at the altar. Then, she pulls out the gun and kills him. She rubs him down, checking to see if he has anything on him. She remembers waiting for the police officers in the interrogation room, digging her nails into the table and then biting those same nails off with her teeth. She remembers the car crash and freeing it was to just go and the despair that she was felt her head hit the seat.

At the convenience store, police officers rush to where she is laying on the floor, her lifeless hand still clutching the pill bottle.


Rating: 5/5

Tove Lo’s characters are damaged, fragile women tortured by demons they can’t kill. Lo’s character can no longer live her demons and chooses to end it. Her hallucination at the end of her killing her father is moving rather than shocking. It’s as though in her final breaths, her mind was focused on destroying what has hurt her the most. Somehow, she was able to have some happiness before she passed. It’s depressing yet fascinating at the same time, turning more into a character study than a music video.

   Director: Tim Erem Year: 2015

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