Video Review: The Go-Go’s “Vacation” 

A man reads a magazine called “Vacation” while waiting for a cab. A cab pulls up and Belinda gives the man a nod. She walks into the airport and sits with the rest of the band, their luggage around them. Kathy eats and reads a magazine. Jane looks for something in her bag. Charlotte yawns and put down her paper. Gina amuses herself by kicking her legs up.

Hours later, Jane is playing with a yo-yo. Charlotte is blowing bubbles with her gum. Jane is bobbing her head and Gina has her hand in her hair, bored out of her mind while Belinda has fallen asleep by some luggage.

During their time off, they managed to squeeze in some practice. However, they did some waterskiing. Gina nearly falls off, Belinda remains steady while holding on to Kathy. But Kathy’s almost in the water. Charlotte’s laughing and just going with it and Jane is holding on for dear life.

On the water skis, they try to hang on and wave. They all lift their left leg up and put it to their knee and then they give the camera one single wave before going back.

The janitor begins to sweep up the lobby, throwing away the magazine the man was reading earlier.

 Rating: 3/5

The waterskiing has to be seen for the reaction shots alone. Only Belinda and Jane are able to keep it together. Charlotte, though, is the funniest. Almost falling off, she mouth forms an “o” and she reaches for the handle. Kathy is trying to stop from laughing while they all are doing a single, coordinated hand wave. Gina’s waving but can’t stop from shouting “OMG!”

The water skiing is one of those ideas where it was meant to look cool and they would perform these coordinated moves with their feet. However, it seems mid-way through, it wasn’t working and the band finally though to themselves “screw it.” The band members, in order to get through the day, joke and just try to look like it’s the most fun ever.

     Directors: Mick Haggerty & C.D. Taylor  Year: 1982


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