Video Review: Nathan Sykes “Kiss Me Quick”       

A record spins on a turntable. Nathan Sykes walks towards the center of the white background and looks to his left. He pivots and points his finger to all the pretty young ladies out there.

Against a brown background, he shakes his head, pleased with the R &B beat. He puts his hand on his chest, right on his heart.

Still behind the white background, he looks right into the camera, letting the young ladies know he’s a sensitive soul. He snaps his finger, giving the camera another lustful look. After he bounces to the music, about four drummers show up behind him. The lights dim really quickly. On his black platform, he touches his ears.

Behind a different white background that has a black square in its center, he touches his lips and leans into the camera as if to say you know it, girl. He stands with his hands in his pockets and the screen goes black for a second.

Standing in a black background, he spins a bit to the music and then camera pans away, making him the size of an ant. He puts his hands in the air, saying “come on girl, give me a chance.” He walks along, snapping his fingers and then steps into a white square.

It leads him to a studio with a newly washed floor. On the steps, he gestures and does a hip check pose. A saxophonist begins to play in the background.

Returning to the white background, a whole band of trombonist have joined him. The lights dim again. It’s time girl, admit how you feel. On the black platform, he lets out a sexy scream full of passion.

Back to the black background, some of the drummers have followed him there. He stands on a white platform and bounces in a circle on his tip toes.

All the segments get one more finale. He touches his chin, giving the camera one smoldering look and struts back.


           Rating: 2/5

He wants to be Justin Timberlake really, really, really badly. The imitation is right down to the black-and-white styling, the put upon charm and the naughty gentleman routine. It’s so sweet. It’s like he’s Timberlake’s little brother who has all grown up and wants his own music career, too! Nonetheless, he can only coast on his charisma for so long before the lack of individuality catches up with him.

    Director: Emil Nava Year: 2015

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