Video Review: Cassie “Me & U”                      

 With her headphones plugged into her phone, Cassie walks into the studio. She sings along with it and then places it on the table. She presses play on the stereo and stretches her arms in front of the mirror. Warming up, she does splits, jumps rope and push-ups.

She unzips her black hoodie, exposing her black bra and begins rehearsing the dance moves the choreographer taught her. She takes off her hoodie and throws it on the floor. She puts her hands on the mirror and then kisses it.

She continues to practice, rolling her arms in the air. She spins and then almost trips. She decides it’s time to sit down and take a break. Her foot didn’t seem to land right. She checks her foot but it’s okay. On the chair, she spreads her legs. Then she rests her head and arm on the table. She gets up on the table and begins to crawl. Confident she can do the moves, she returns to the mirror and grabs the microphone stand.

She pours her bottled water over herself to cool off. Sitting on the couch, she performs two other moves and decides to have a dress rehearsal. She takes off her shoes and replaces them with high heels. Then, she returns, wearing a strapless black dress. In the high heels, she tries to spin again and executes it perfectly.

At home, she thinks about the guy she likes and debates calling him. She wonders if he even wants to talk to her at all.


Rating: 3.5/5

Cassie displays tenacity and enthusiasm while rehearsing. When it’s time for her single shots, her career as a model helps out as each pose is natural. It draws out her magnetism. While practicing, she’s approachable. Nothing comes easy for her and she still has to work at it. At the end of the day, she’s still normal.

    Director: Ray Kay     Year: 2006

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