Video Review: Carly Rae Jepsen “Your Type”

While working, Carly Rae Jepsen listens to her favorite DJ. In between customers, she writes down song lyrics in her notebook. After punching out, she waits on the bench for her bus. She checks the time. on her watch. It’s 11:45 pm. Realizing she’s going to be late, she decides to walk to club instead. She puts her headphones on and walks to another bench. She puts her head down and tries to sleep, thinking of playing tonight at the bar. She’s been looking forward to it all day. However, two guys walk to the bench, check to see if she’s awake and then steal her bag. The whoosh from their skateboards wakes her up and she notices her bag is gone. She runs after them but knowing it’s useless, she walks back to the bench.

At Escanadolsos, the disco ball spins as one woman, with a drink in hand, dances. Stripes of neon pink and teal lights trim the bar. Two men play pool while the bartender gives the fortysomething blonde woman her drink. The fortysomething returns back to her table.

She walks through the door and enters the bathroom. She looks into the mirror and gets out her make up. She puts on her lipstick and changes her clothes.

A bored woman looks to the stage, wondering when the entertainment will start. One of the men who was playing pool is asleep at the booth. Another woman sighs while she holds onto her drink.

While the house band plays, she begins to sing, imagining herself in silver, high-heeled boots, a glittery ocean blue dress, a long trench coat around her shoulders and messy yet fashionable hair. A man in glasses and a hat sits with his friend at a table. A glass has tumbled over in front of his friend. While he finishes every last bit of his meal and starts on the unfinished margarita in front of him. At the crescendo, the crowd would dance.

Instead, she’s in black short shorts, an old yellow hoodie to match her yellow long-sleeved t-shirt with pink stars and a gold tiara on her head, singing her song to two people sitting in the empty row of chairs. The bored woman removes her glasses. She’s managed to captivate one man’s attention, though, as he stares at her.

She finishes the song and takes a couple of steps back from the microphone. Not sure what to do, she walks off stage, changes again, and leaves, silver high-heeled boots on her feet. The DJ ends his show by saying that “people need their imaginations in order to survive” or if it’s vice versa. He thanks everyone for listening and signs off.


            Rating: 5/5

Someday, Jepsen’s character will be a huge pop star. She works her full-time job to pay the bills. Although she is bored at her work, she has a drive and a hunger to get through. She uses every precious moment on her music career. At work, she’s writing down song lyrics. Afterwards, she’s performing at any bar and club she can. The video is capturing someone at the very beginning of their career, developing their confidence and figuring out who they want to be before the craziness begins. The hopeful ending balances out the struggle and frustration that is presented throughout by Jepsen, who fights as hard as she can.

    Director: Gia Coppola  Year: 2016

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