Video Review: Little Mix & Sean Paul “Hair”

Leigh-Anne scrolls through her phone. Photos of the band’s logo, song title and director show up. She stops when she sees a photo of her snuggling with her ex-boyfriend (Sean Paul). She calls up her girlfriends and asks if they could come over.

 Leigh-Anne frowns when she opens the door and all three of them give her a big hug. Jesy pours virgin strawberry daiquiris into the wine glasses. Together, they make a toast to Leigh-Anne and good times. With glasses in hand, they walk upstairs and begin their makeovers. As they sing along to the radio, they pretend their curling irons are microphones.

 The doorbell rings. Jade runs downstairs. OMG! She is so hungry. The pizza delivery guy arrives holding four boxes. Jade sticks his money into his motorcycle helmet. He tries to talk to them more but Jesy pushes him out of the door.

 In the kitchen, they dive into the pizza. Perrie feeds Leigh-Anne a piece. After devouring all the pizza, Leigh-Anne starts to cry. She loved him so much! Why doesn’t he want her? Jade tells her there is nothing wrong with her.

 They turn the music on and slide into the family room, singing into their combs and then run back upstairs. Leigh-Anne’s phone begins to ring. It’s her ex.Leigh-Anne answers, distraught. Over FaceTime, he says he would like to get back together

 While trying on clothes, Jade notices Leigh-Anne checking her messages. She takes the phone out of her hands and drops it on the floor. The rest of the girls encourage her to ignore him.

In Leigh-Anne’s bedroom, they sit on her bed, wearing their lingerie and land in her bed, forming a circle. They laugh and joke with another.


               Rating: 4.5/5

With Director X, each young woman of Little Mix is given something to do and is able to stand out. No one is the same person twice. It’s not just a group of girlfriends helping one of their own to get over a boyfriend and eating pizza. Leigh-Anne is sensitive, Perrie is the peaceful and supportive, Jesy doesn’t take anybody’s crap and Jade is the playful and spontaneous. In less than four minutes, all the girls have developed vastly different personalities yet it’s easy to see how they share a sisterly bond with each other.

   Director: Director X  Year: 2016


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