Video Review: Zendaya  “Replay”

Inside an empty dance studio, a fan blows on a makeshift table and water drips from the leaking roof. Zendaya walks in, wearing  a black shirt and laced leggings, and steps in front of the mirror. She turns her head and the camera inverts her face, matching to the music which is making a cutting sound as though the tape were damaged.

She begins to rehearse step and arm moves. She doesn’t move beyond much a foot or so. Three holographic dancers appear, signaled by the blips in the song, as though to boost her in some way. Soon, she begins to take a couple jumps. She puts her hands out as a motion to stop. The holographic dancer, opposite of her, does the same move.

Briefly, she is shown against a tiled neutral background of greys and blues, wearing a black jacket, black shirt and sparkly black pants. She mainly puts her hand in her curly hair and gets to be glamorous.

Sitting on a wooden bench, she puts her head into her hands, frustrated that she can’t speak to her crush. She stands up and does a pirouette. She puts her head on the mirror.

Further back into the studio, gold speakers surround her while she dances. The lights then dim to a soft yellow, resembling a sunset as her image becomes somewhat of a silhouette. She dances with a disappearing holographic dancer.

Later, she changes into an all-white outfit at the studio and the dancers have become real. They perform their routine. On a break, they sit on the steps and move their arms.

She looks at her reflection once she sits in front of the mirror, thinking of it might be her. Back at the bench, she listens to her Beats by Dre headphones and removes them. In the second ending, she is in her white outfit. She smiles at the camera and walks away. By the third ending, she takes one final look at the mirror and walks away. In the last ending, against the neutral background, she gives the camera a small smile.


Rating: 2.5/5

There seems to be too much going on in some segments while another gets neglected. The shots of her in the studio by herself and then in the all-white outfit get plenty of time. However, a pretty outfit goes to waste in the neutral background. It’s not seen enough to really get a feel for it. It seems to be a required moment that has to be checked off a box.

Unfortunately, the blips from the music do not translate well to the video. When the holographic dancers show up, it’s as though it were out of a video game. The dancers seem to have healing power which they give over to Zendaya once she meets with them. But the special effects were in the budget and had to be used on something, even if it doesn’t make sense.

    Director: Colin Tilley Year: 2013

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