Video Review: Natalie La Rose & Fetty Wap “Around the World”      

Natalie La Rose counts the menus. Feeling as though someone is staring, she turns around and gazes at the busboy, who gives her a shy smile. Her co-worker puts her hands on her hips, knowing full well that those two like each other and he should ask her out already.

A mid-thirties guy, with slicked back blonde hair ogles one of La Rose’s butt while his wife scans the menu. When she walks away, he winks at her and then snaps his head back to his wife. His wife looks up, disapproval over face, wondering what server he is going to use to cheat on her. He snaps his finger at her co-worker. La Rosa shakes her head at her co-worker, who walks to the table and hands him his check. However, she sees the busboy gazing at her. She turns away from him, smiling.

The mid-thirties guy signs the credit receipt. While grabbing his wallet, his passport falls onto the floor. She sees it, picks it up and thumbs through it. The guy has been to so many places. She wonders what he does for a living.

Inside the bar of the restaurant, amid some souvenirs, she and her backup dancers perform a routine. Off the clock, she has changed into a eye-catching jeweled bralette and shredded jeans by Law Roach. She imagines herself as a geisha in Japan and pursued by Mexican wrestlers. Outside of the restaurant, she moves a chair near the hostess’ stand. There, she and her dancers finish their routine.

At the bar, she and dancers cool off by drinking and flirting with their male co-workers. She and the busboy share another glance. She puts her hand on his chest and he leans into her. They dance.

Outside the restaurant, she and her backup dancers are clapping as the guys break dance. While she stands, the busboy kneels by her and holds her hand. When he gets up, they kiss.

Later that night, the mid-thirties man arrives hand-in-hand with his wife to pick up his passport. The wife looks around, keeping an eye on the women. When she sees him, she walks to him, passport in hand. With a wide grin, she teases him before handing it back to him. He says thanks and then returns to his wife, wishing he could travel the world with La Rose.

Rating: 4.5/5

Hannah Lux Davis is getting better with each video. She usually gravitates towards color and so far, she has mainly used bright pastels and black silhouettes. While it’s been pretty, it’s left a shallow impression. Here, she uses neutral tones and uses light sparingly. It fits the adult tone of the video. La Rose’s a working adult. She and her friends drink at the bar once they are through. The mid-day sun light creeps through the doors and they know they have hours before their shift is over. During their breaks, they are going to have fun. Little by little, Lux is getting out of her comfort zone and finding her sexy, dangerous edge that wasn’t apparent before.

    Director: Hannah Lux Davis Year: 2015


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