Video Review: Tinashe & Schoolboy Q “2 On”

At the dance studio, Tinashe sits on a bench and talks with one of her friends. Another one of her friends walks in and she gives her a hug. She sips her drink through a straw and her friend says she can’t wait for the party tonight. In the corner, one of her friends checks her phone while another hops onto the couch and reads a magazine. A friend of hers has balloons. She squeals and gives her a hug. With the gold “T” balloon, she playfully smacks her on the hip. Once they have all arrived, they take a picture and begin to practice. Silhouettes of her in posing in blue, red and gold light are cut in between

After practicing, it’s time to change into their costumes. Once the ten minute break is over, they head over to the costume rack. One girl removes her shirt, revealing her bra. In their costumes, they perform their routine throughout the building.

At the club, she dances and then meets with two guys outside by a car. A person lights a match and a line of fire races across the pavement. The two guys snuggle by her on each side. Between more silhouette shots, Schoolboy Q raps his part at the club.

It’s cake time! In the center of the crowd, people sing happy birthday to her. She makes a wish and blows out the candles. Everyone cheers. She takes a side of the cake and throws it at her friend. Her friend throws some of the cake back at her. She licks the frosting from the tip of her finger. She turns away and heads towards somewhere else in the party.

 Rating: 2/5

It’s a very stereotypical day for the birthday girl. She visits the club but first, she has to go to dance practice with her friends. She flirts with several guys, including the main rapper on the track while partying. Copy in Davis’ love of silhouettes and it could be confused with a number of other videos. The interesting parts: Tinashe having a mini celebration with her friends at the studio and catching up as well as her birthday celebration at the club are glossed over. It’s a snippet of what could’ve been if the idea had been developed more and the more standard aspects edited out.

     Director: Hannah Lux Davis Year: 2014


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