Video Review: DNCE “Toothbrush”

Joe Jonas lies on his bed, looking outside his window as he waits for his girlfriend (Ashley Graham) to drop by. After finishing some chores around the house, he opens the window and looks again. He sees her walking down below with his neighbor. He calls out to her and she smiles. He motions for her to come up.

He enjoys spending time with her. They share tender moments with each other. He kisses her on the neck and she grabs his tank top. They have pillow fights (which she always starts). However, it usually leads to some kissing and then sex. She leaves the bed and he watches her walk into his kitchen. He puts some music on and she decides to dance with him.

On the rooftop, Jonas performs with his band just as the sun is about to set.

In the cab, they snuggle close to each other. They walk into the club, hand in hand, talking about whatever is on their minds. She playfully knocks him into the wall and then runs off. He runs and then catches up to her once he reaches the door.

Later that night, they cuddle on the couch and watch television. He kisses the top of her head and tells her he loves her.

Back on the rooftop, they finish the song and Jonas takes the microphone stand.


               Rating: 4/5

Genuine relationships are tough to find, even in music videos. However, Jonas and Graham are a loving couple who are heading towards living together. Marriage is on the table not neither are ready yet. They are the couple on Facebook who posts the occasional photo and tag but otherwise choose to remain private. Mostly, they are homebodies with some nights out. Both are still trying to establish themselves.

It’s also great to see Ashley Graham, a full-figured model, be the love interest. Too often, it’s stick thin women with large breasts who are considered for the role. It’s as though no other type exists. Hopefully, Graham will open the door for the average sized woman to be included in videos.

      Director: Luke Monaghan Year: 2016

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