Video Review: Blake Shelton & Pistol Annies “Boys ‘Round Here” 

Three young black rappers drive through Nashville in their hooptie. Blake Shelton stops in his luxury pickup trucks and lifts the oversize tires with them. He gives them a nod and one of the guys is awed by his truck. They smile and wave at him, continuing to bounce through Nashville.

Back home, Shelton is sitting on his porch, his legs propped on the fence, drinking a beer surrounded by his many friends. Miranda Lambert clinks glasses with fellow Pistol Annie Angaleena Presley. Ashley Monroe, another Pistol Annie, sits on the fence and listens to Shelton talk.

At the barn, the three black rappers come back and open the doors. The all-white cast stares at them, unsure of what to do and or what to say. The one rapper shows off his grill. People create an aisle, letting them move through. Shelton gives one of the rappers a hug. Shelton adjusts the collar on his jacket, watching the rappers break dance.

Further out on Shelton and Lambert’s property, the Pistol Annies relax on the lawn. It should be noted that Presley needs to scale down the breasts implants. Her breasts are bigger than her face.

Still at the barn, the fiftysomething DJ in faded overalls, is spinning rap records on the turntable. A partygoer swings by on a tire. One of the rapper fist pumps Shelton. An old guy, with barely any teeth, kind of moves whatever he can as he sits in the corner. Everyone has joined in on the dancing. The pig nods his head to the music and a cow moos in its pen.

On the dirt road, Shelton takes off in his pickup truck to run another errand.


Rating: 2/5

Country music hasn’t ever been known to be progressive. However, Shelton manages to prove how far the genre has to go in terms of sensitivity. First, the black people are stereotyped as rappers and it’s the stereotype of what’s seen in videos. Second, the majority of the cast is all white, turning the black people in the video into tokens. Their reaction at seeing the rappers show up is offensive. It’s like they never have seen any of color before. Of course, the black people teach the white people how to dance.

It’s disappointing to see in 2013 that Blake Shelton is showing black people how to be friends with white people.

     Director: Trey Fanjoy  Year: 2013


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