Video Review: Major Lazer, DJ Snake & MØ  “Lean On”

Focusing on the ceiling, the camera tips downward to MØ sitting in a bed inside a castle. Inside the castle, trimmed in red and gold, she dances in the center, with her arms in front of her  with several women. After the room has emptied out and Diplo, Walshy Fire, and DJ Snake point their arms and bodies from side to side to the music.

Outside the palace, she moves her arms on the steps. While she moves her hand over her head, the other dancers surround her on the steps.

In a pool of rose petals, she stands in the water and dances. She grabs some petals from the pool letting them fall in between fingers.

After putting their arms out and shifting their bodies from left to right, n the red and gold trimmed room, Diplo and Major Lazer stand against an arch and pose, with shades over their eyes.

Inside a multi-colored double-decker bus, MØ, DJ Snake and Major Lazer travel through Virar, India. With MØ in front, she puts arms out in front of her while her backup dancers join her. Later, DJ Snake and Major Lazer dance on top of the bus.

At night, the palace is lit a baby blue. There, she stands with other dances and they move to the music. In the background, DJ Snake and Major Lazer sit on top of white horses. She blows a kiss.


Rating: 4/5

The video is all dancing, however, it’s pretty to watch. The set of the palace (which according to the Indian Express was filmed at ND Studios, Karjat) is stunning. It looks as though an actual palace was hauled in from a moving van and plopped right on set.

There is a brief glimpse of the real India during the bus scenes. It makes people feel as though they are there, riding along, seeing the spots. More of those scenes would’ve been welcomed. While it’s a very good video, getting more of a tour than a replicated version would’ve been better.

Director: Tim Erem Year: 2015

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