Video Review: Mýa”My Love Is Like…Wo”

Sitting on a chair on a darkened stage, Mýa smokes a cigar. She dips the ashes in the ash tray, saying she is a competent lover. The lights turn on, revealing a yellow and black striped background. She turns around in the chair and faces the audience, in a white suit jacket, pants, suspenders and a hat with a blue trim. Underneath the jacket, she has baby blue blouse. She punches the screen.

First costume change: she takes off the jacket and hat. Layered underneath, is a red and black jacket, black gloves, black pants and black bra. Her hat has magically changed to black with a white trim. She bends down and the outfit changes slightly: black suspenders and a white tank top. She flips money into the air.

She takes off the jacket and when she turns around, she is wearing a short wig and has a purple shawl around her. That turns into a black blacker and pink blouse. Sunglasses are added. She takes the wig off and the background changes.

Standing by a microphone, she is in a room of hanging disco balls. She is now wearing white shredded jeans, black boots and a graphic t-shirt. Then, she’s wearing a leopard print dress. Sitting on the crystal table, someone slides some water to her. She is now wearing a leopard print top with canary yellow leather pants.

By the chorus, she is wearing a pink dress with a baby blue bra underneath. The previous outfits shown in the background rotate back and forth. She throws the water at the screen. She smashes a green guitar, fed up from the continual costume changes and lack of storyline.

Still in the same background, her outfit changes to a white visor, blue boy shorts and a long-sleeved shirt. The outfit then changes to a red version with a black trim. Now, the ugliness of having to wear that outfit would cause some guitar smashing.

In the blue outfit, she does the splits and then rubs her breasts. The screen fades to black.

The stage is darkened, added to the set is half-circle lit in blue and pink. In silhouette, Mýa stands by the pole and then swings on it. The spotlight is on Mýa wearing a tan bra top with fringed sleeves and black pants. She sashays to the front of the stage to tap dance. She throws off the black pants and magically finds a cane and dances on the platform.

In a bedroom, she wears a fashionable criminal outfit. It’s all black, including a black mask to cover her face. However, she ends up looking like Michael Jackson trying to hide. She takes off the black jacket and is now wearing a red top. Then, in a black bathing suit with green trim, she hugs the beaded curtain to her chest. The screen pushes in and out really fast. In the bedroom, she’s in her bathing suit, rubbing her legs and touching her chin.


              Rating: 1.5/5

The idea began really well – Mýa starring in her own show – but then it collapsed once it required her to change a dozen times. It’s unnecessary and takes away from her dancing, which is really tight. The only time she is able to be herself is when she tap dances.

Director: Paul Hunter  Year: 2003


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