Video Review: Jason Derulo “Cheyenne” 

In a gothic backyard, two lion statues stand mid-roar by the stairs, leading back into the mansion. A happy angel statue plays a small guitar while another angel bangs a tiny drum.

Inside the attic of the mansion, Jason Derulo is unconscious and tied to a chair. Cheyenne peeks through the bars, ensuring he is still alive. She’s not done with him yet. He wakes up, notices his hands are tied and panics. He struggles to get out of the chair. Cheyenne appears, in a red silk dress while he thrusts and searches for something sharp. Shouting, he falls down on the floor, hoping to break the chair.

Cheyenne takes him to bed. On sheets made of red silk, she grabs at his shirt and face. Unable to move, he tries to stay in control. Despite how freaked out he is, her touch can still be soothing. With a kiss, Cheyenne takes him to the dining room. There, he sits with the evil version of himself. Cheyenne leans into evil Derulo’s chair and puts her arm around him. Aghast, Derulo stiffens in his chair. He tips the table, trying to end the dream.

He walks to the foyer and sees on the balcony of the second floor. She walks down the stairs. He takes a step to approach her and the floor begins to collapse. He breathes a sigh of relief and then leaps over the big, gaping hole in the middle of the foyer to follow her. Once he gets his footing, he looks in every room for her.

In the living room, he stands, wearing a royal purple suit surrounded by zombie ballerinas, Cheyenne’s toys. Cheyenne’s eye turns black. Books begin to float in the air. A clock moves right to left, up and down. Then, the zombie ballerinas awaken. He dances with them, hoping to break Cheyenne’s spell. It’s enough to silence them. In certain shots, the footage gets grainy and yellowed, as though it was found hundreds of years later.

The photographs of her float in the air, encircling him in the living room. The photographs burn as he dances.

In the study, he sits on the chair and sees the picture frame float. He looks around to see if she’s anywhere and puts back the picture frame facedown on the end table. She plants a burning photograph in his hand.

The zombie ballerinas wake up again. Then, standing up, he falls asleep once the eerie music plays.


             Rating: 4.5/5

While it doesn’t ever get scary, it doesn’t mean isn’t Cheyenne any less messed up. The zombie ballerinas don’t seem disturbing on the surface. However, once it’s thought how she likely obtained them, it then leads to a thought that somewhere in New York some dancers have been reported missing decades ago.

Other than the unnecessary grainy shots, the video is grounded in some reality. Derulo tries to save himself by dancing. He shows off his muscles and sleeps with Cheyenne. But it seems as though Derulo has become her new toy, much like the ballerinas.

     Director: Syndrome   Year: 2015


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