Video Review: Becky G “Can’t Stop Dancin’” 

Outside her neighborhood, several kids play soccer. Becky G sees her neighbor from across the street riding her bike. She stands on the porch, enjoying the weather and people-watching.

People walk past a church and a woman takes a sip from a CORE bottle. Purpose of the segment done.

She walks into a bar to meet some of her friends. While sitting at a table, a cute approaches her and she smiles. He introduces himself. She takes his hat off his head and puts it on hers. However, she does decide to give her crush back the hat. Excited, she hears one of her favorite songs and tells her friends they have to get out on the dance floor now.

In the bathroom, she puts on some lip balm (which gets more coverage than her crush.) Her crush waits for her.

Back on the dance floor, she dances with her crush until another steals her away. Soon, three or four guys join her. However, she only eyes for her crush. She embraces him once the song is over.

In a room somewhere, she sits on a plastic chair with a fan and tube television beside her. Sometime, she lies next to the couch and puts her red Beats by Dre headphones on to listen to music. In another room somewhere, she walks through an ivory curtain. She two final gazes to the camera from the porch and the club.


            Rating: 3/5

One of Hannah Lux Davis’ better videos. When she doesn’t rely on silhouettes, she is able to use her eye to find creative spots. The suburban neighborhood has a tropical, lost in paradise feel to it.

The two random places – the room with the television and the other with the curtain have some anonymity to them. They seem to be places only the locals would know about and have the access. Only the club is pedestrian. It seems to be a local dive but there isn’t any character there.

The advertising is blatant but not as obnoxious as other videos. Seeing Beats by Dre products has become so common that the promotion doesn’t even register anymore. However, she holds out the cosmetic product and the drink is worked into the video, as though it were a quick commercial break. Is her record company paying for any of the videos?

     Director: Hannah Lux Davis  Year: 2014

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