Video Review: Kent Jones “Don’t Mind”

Two women in one piece bathing suits and sunglasses enter Kent Jones’ home. On the couch outside, he sits with four women, chatting and drinking. He snuggles and dances on the couch with them, too.

His friends lead him inside and from the window, they ogle all the women by the pool. Another woman in a one-piece bathing suit walks on the pavement to a recliner. Standing with his friends, he giggles. The women sit by the pool, in their sunglasses and take in the sun. Some lay on striped orange and black beach blankets. One woman shows off her drink. Another woman floats in the water on inflatable slice of watermelon.

Ciroc liquor gets some advertisement.

A woman in cornrows comes up to Jones, trying to be cool and “what’s up, dog!” Jones thinks well, at least she’s wearing a bikini. A woman in short shorts walks to the swing. Jones plays pool.

He gets out his Segway and woman run after him, as though they were hungry dogs begging for a treat. One woman trips the other. He jumps off his Segway and pushes the girl on the swing. The girl smiles and laughs as he tilts her sideways. He runs off and she’s ecstatic to have caught it his eye. The other women run after him.

Later at the club, he is surrounded by woman wearing long, blonde wigs. A member of his entourage takes a photo with the women.

All the carousing and objectifiying have made him tired. He falls on the couch, with his green hoodie sweatshirt and goes to sleep.


Rating: 0/5

It’s a fantasy come true for Kent Jones. So many beautiful women in one place, each one vying for his attention and eager for his company, it’s like heaven. Unfortunately, for him, a woman’s purpose is to look good in a bathing suit and want to hear every word he says. Then, awkwardly dance around him, grateful for the exposure.He’s actually happy to have hangers-on and famewhores around him. It’s so messed up!

      Director: Eif Rivera  Year: 2016


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