Video Review: Kygo & Conrad Sewell  “Firestone”

A young man puts his hands into his jacket and continues his walk down the antiseptic hallway. He catches the eye of a young woman (Rachel Echelberger). They turn towards to each other, still gazing into each other’s eyes. He puts his head on her forehead. She puts her hand on his neck. However, she pushes him away just as they are about to kiss. She gives him one final look and exits through a sky blue door.

When he opens the door, he enters into a forest. He looks up at the trees and into the sky, wondering where he is exactly and why did she want to come here. He finds another door and is now inside an electric blue hallway. She is there, walking. Passing through another door, he is in another electric blue hallway. He looks around every corner. At the end of the hallway, she glances over her shoulder and sees him. She walks through the door.

Now, in a park, she looks to see if he had followed her. She goes through the next door. Further in the park, he is at a Kygo concert. He scans the crowd for her. She is waiting for him in the center. He leans into her and she touches his face, tracing his beard, her eyes closed. He tenderly pulls her face towards her to kiss her. However, she walks away from him again, still looking at him and finds another door.

He enters through the rooftop of his apartment building. From the top of the building, he sees her walking down the street. Sensing his presence, she looks up to him. He races to find stairs but falls into a pool instead. He climbs out of the pool. In a garage of the house, he sits down on a chair, wondering what to do. Nothing and nowhere he goes works. He keeps missing her or she runs away. Frustrated, he grabs a bat and begins to break things.

She walks into the garage, prompting him to get up and try again. He finds himself at a party. He stops one girl. However, it’s not her and he runs through the crowd, opens another door and continues through the crowd again. Again, he opens the door and searches through the crowd again. The door has led him back to the antiseptic hallway where he first saw her. He opens the door and is on top of the rooftop. There, he finds her waiting.

                      Rating: 5/5

At their first meeting, it’s apparent they are right for each other. However, she’s scared, hoping someone will look for her and believe she’s worth the chase. Each time he meets up with her, she believes a little bit more and finally, she lets him in. The metaphor for shutting people out is realized fully.

It’s such an intense connection that it becomes a need for him and a source of fear for her. The young man is trying so hard and it’s causing him pain. When she sees him, it’s as though she’s noticing someone caring for her for the first time. Finally, she gives him a break.

     Director: N/A Year: 2014


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