Video Review: R City & Adam Levine “Locked Away”

A.I. looks out the bus window, watching the neighborhoods and streets pass by. There are more stops and he won’t be home for a couple of hours. Meanwhile, a soldier returns him and tells his little girl that he’s back. But she’s not ready to see him yet.

Uptown AP’s girlfriend looks through a pile of pills. She tells him they need to find a way to pay them. Uptown AP looks down at the floor, taking a sip of CORE. He has become a disappointment for her. He can’t even provide for her. She breaks open a jar of change and begins to count it. He tells her she doesn’t have to resort to it. He sits on the window pane. After she cools off, she sits by him.

Holding the CORE bottle again, he says he’s doing everything he can. She wants to know exactly what he is planning to do. From the top of the refrigerator, he grabs a paper bag. She puts her head into her shoulder and cries. She doesn’t want to him to risk jail to save them.

A few hours later, he returns home and she hugs him. Later that night, they party at the club.

From the bus, A.I. sees a teenage girl being read her Miranda rights by a police officer. A few streets over, he steps off the bus and begins the walk home. He hears the father of the teenage girl asking if she’s all right and the girl’s sobs.

Before being taken away, she hugs her dad. When she’s in the police car, her dad stays by the window, letting her know it’s all ok.

A soldier walks into his house and kisses his sleeping daughter on the head. He looks a family photo that they took last summer. He thought he wouldn’t have those moments again. Hearing footsteps, his daughter wakes up and prays.

The little girl runs into the kitchen and gives her a dad a hug.

His wife sees him and tries to keep from crying. She’s been so strong and yet afraid. They embrace. The soldier salutes his wife and daughter.

From a window inside a darkened house, Adam Levine looks out and wonders who he would be there for him if ever got into trouble or laid off from his job.

A.I. opens the front door where his girlfriend is waiting. She gives him a hug. She leads him to the family room where his son is sitting on the couch. She presents him with the cake she made for him.


Rating: 4.5/5

The four separate stories give life to the lyrics. The most heartfelt story is with the soldier and his reluctant daughter. For an entire year, she has feared that her daddy wouldn’t come home. But at the same time, she wonders why it’s her daddy that has to go. It captures the little girl’s conflicting emotions about her father.


The most realistic is the A.I. and his girlfriend’s money problems. She is also scared. She doesn’t want them to lose their home. A.I. is willing to do what he has to do. Both stories really resonate. The weakest of the four is the teenage daughter being caught by the cops. It’s difficult to care, considering not much is told. Did she really do it? What’s going on? It’s hard to tell.

Other than the CORE advertisement (does the company have to insert themselves into almost every video?), the video flows, letting the stories unfold and the viewer experience the emotional weight of each.

    Director: N/A  Year: 2015




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