Video Review: Charlie Puth & Meghan Trainor “Marvin Gaye” 

It’s the Spring Fling! Everyone is at school sitting on the bleachers in the high school gym. The DJ screams “wow!” A girl has fallen asleep on her friend’s shoulder. Meanwhile, her friend is nibbling at the piece of cake. The DJ announces “Charlie Puth!”

In his varsity jacket, he walks to stage and begins to play the piano. The lady chaperone puts her glasses on the tip of her nose, trying to remember if she ever saw him in the halls. Some people begin to look up. A few couples shuffle their feet on the dance floor. Once the first verse begins, people stop dancing in their corners and head to the center of the dance floor. A line forms. The Spring Fling king holds his date close to him, his hands on her waist.

The lady chaperone sees what’s going on and her mouth forms a tight, disapproving line. In the line, a girl gyrates down to her boyfriend’s crotch. Another girl leans into her boyfriend while his head in her neck. Couples begin to make out on the dance floor.

One couple kisses their way to the auto class. In the car, they steam up the windows, their hands leaving marks. On stage, Trainor locks her eyes on Puth, letting him she’s interested. Continuing in the line, the Spring Fling king is now groping his date. Another couple runs to janitor’s closet to make out. The guy, thinking he heard a noise, opens the door, his face full of kisses.

The students working the refreshments begin to kiss. Two girls also kiss. The couples are now rolling around on the dance floor, making out with their dates. With a seductive smile, the lady chaperone puts some frosting on the male chaperone’s lips. Students have moved to the bathroom stalls. Shoes and bras are on the bottom of the floor. Two guys open a stall and discover the chaperones making out. The lady chaperone tells them to get out and quickly shuts the door. After Puth and Trainor finish performing, she gives him a kiss.

                 Rating: 4/5

After prompting an orgy, Charlie Puth and Meghan Trainor are never going to be asked to sing again. Sex education classes are going to be required for every student at the dance. The high school is going to turn into Footloose.

It’s cute and bubbly video with a raunchy side to it. Halfway through, it becomes suggestive. By the end, a threesome is implied in the bathroom and the entire student body is on the floor, bumping into each other. Teenagers having sex-not so shocking. Implying a threesome does raise some eyebrows, coupled with the 50s wholesome beats and it does cross a line.

     Director: Marc Klasfeld Year: 2015


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