Video Review: Jessica Simpson”I Wanna Love You Forever”      

Behind a set of a blue sky and a red airplane, Jessica Simpson listens to some instructions from the photographer. The photographer takes some close-ups. The color changes to black and white as she smiles. After a couple flashes, it returns back to color again.

During a break, she sits with her sister, Ashlee and family outside her trailer. She waves to the camera. They dance on the chairs. She goes to clothes rack and picks out something for the next shot. A red shirt catches her eye.

Set change. Now, she is standing behind sunflowers. It’s mainly close-ups.

On another set, she stands beside a fake cactus with painted on burning sun and sand. In black and white, she plays with her jacket as a fan makes it seem it’s a breezy day. While singing, she closes her eyes and opens her mouth wide, treating each note with the utmost earnestness.

On another break, she chats outside the door of her trailer with a friend. They share a laugh.

After singing the bridge behind the sunflower set, a crew member moves it and she is now behind a blue ocean and two light towers on each corner. She touches her face and a block of circle lights reflect onto the screen. With one more serious look, she stands in the center, waiting to be told that the day is over.

            Rating: 4/5

It’s a straightforward concept that offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse of a photo shoot. Her image is set right away: the girl next door with conservative clothing, taking her singing career seriously. The crew moves from shot to shot. The photographer takes photo after photo. She stands for hours. While it looks fun, it’s shown to be work, too.

Director: Billie Woodruff  Year: 1999

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