Video Review: Drake & Majid Jordan “Hold On, We’re Going Home” 

After showing the ocean, a title card reads: Miami 1985. Drake is sitting in a restaurant, listening to a speech his boss is giving. His boss thanks them for their work and says he appreciates them. Drake clinks his glass of champagne with boss. Another co-worker makes another toast, saying that no matter what happens, he will always remember them. They toast each other again.

Inside a white mansion, a young woman sits her in her lacy white bra and panties by her vanity. A man sticks out his grill and with glee, puts a black hood over her. Another man grabs her and together, they hold onto her, taking her out of the mansion.

At the restaurant, a man puts on a telephone on the table and hands Drake the receiver. Unable to hear, Drake puts his finger in his ear. He hears his girlfriend’s shaking voice, full of fear and puts his hand over his face. He tells her he’s on his way to save her. He slams the phone down and all the men at the table follow him out.

A man removes the blindfold over Drake’s girlfriend’s eyes. He tells her it’s simply quid pro quo. Tied to the chair, she puts her head down and cries.

Drake and his friends go the mansion. From there, his friends pick up the weapons stash. Drake walks to the bathroom and sees the dress she was going to wear tonight. He puts his hand on his face. He picks up the dress and puts it back on the chair.

In another room, his friend makes a phone call to the kidnapper, tipping him off. Another one of his friends witnesses the phone call and watches him with a disgusted look while he passes by.

All of the men put their masks on and leave the mansion to get his girlfriend. Meanwhile, a scary guy eyes his girlfriend and then removes the handcuffs on her. She looks up at him, every worst fear going through her mind.

At the warehouse, Drake fires his gun, giving his girlfriend a chance to escape inside. Drake kills the mole within his group point blank. Putting his mask over his face again, they head inside and begin to fire. A shootout begins. His girlfriend stays in the columns, watching what’s going on and waiting to make her next move.

Once the shooting stops, she hits one of her attackers over the head while Drake runs up the stairs and begins to fire again. Meanwhile, her attacker has her pinned to the ground, choking her. After Drake fires, some of the warehouse lot explodes. and then he finds his girlfriend. He points his gun at her attacker. Before her attacker can shoot, Drake fires first. He removes his mask and comforts his scared girlfriend with a kiss. He takes off his coat and wraps her in it, relieved that she’s safe and alive.

Rating: 5/5

It’s established that Drake and his crew are involved in some sort of crime. However, they seem to have a moral code that they abide by and are good guys fighting evil. Nonetheless, one of the gangs they stole from exacts revenge. Drake, ever the romantic, will stop at nothing to save his girl. He will scale tall buildings and shoot first, ask questions later. He will be the hero that you have been dreaming of.

It’s an engrossing story that has a little of something for everyone: nostalgia, action, love while avoiding the stereotypes of the genre.

     Director: Bill Pope Year: 2013


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