Video Review: Tina Parol “Who’s Got Your Money”          

Stepping off the elevator and onto the street, Tina Parol walks down the street, passing a happy couple and two girls gossiping. Her entourage hands her many shopping bags. Her assistant/best friend hands her a note, which she opens and shows to the camera, it reads in pink lipstick: “YOU ARE BROKE.” Her entourage swing her shopping bags and she runs her hands through her hair.

After her entourage dances around her in a circle, they twirl around neon colored umbrellas. She walks to a convertible, which an eager salesman hands her the keys. Two dancers with each piece of a giant, red heart cover her and then separate.

Passing between two ladders, businessmen dance around her and she gives her ex’s mom a hug. Her entourage returns and circle around her. They throw money in the air as she sits on the street.

A crowd surrounds her. She exclaims she emptied her ex’s bank account. More people throw money and cheer for her. She stops a young woman, who listening to her, and tells her to leave her boyfriend and then shoves her out of the way. Then, she gestures her arms all over the place, her eyes bugging out.

In the corner of the street, someone has set up a vanity. A guy applies blush on her face. She turns to the camera and her entourage cuddle her and then spin her in her chair. Once she steps out of her chair, a member of her entourage takes off her bathrobe and they follow her to a stage. She bats her eyelashes, but it seems she has a piece of hair stuck in them and then bits her finger. She drops down the floor while money falls over her.


          Rating: 1/5

Tina Parol, in her awkwardness, wants to be cool and coy. She clearly sees herself as a rock star badass and the pop thing is only to pay the bills until she can start her real career. However, she has hint of crazy in her eyes that would put the fear into any producer. Her dancing consists of pushing her chest out and rolling her hips outward. She constantly looks up at the sky instead of at the audience. She emanates a nastiness to her that it tough to get past.

    Director: Jonathon Lia Year: 2009


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