Video Review: Elle King “America’s Sweetheart”

It’s midnight. As Elle  King and her friends find a parking spot at the Moonlight Rollerway,  they try avoid the people skating, weaving their way to the entrance.

She stands in the middle of the rink, observing the action for a while. A guy spins. A woman with bunny ears and a red bodysuit gets spun around by her partner. He later twirls her in the air. A guy break dances. People skate in a circle. On the bench, she listens to music with Beats by Dre headphones and then hands them back to her friend. She gets back on the rink. People join together and form a line. They also begin to perform a choreographed routine. A woman in a zebra-striped catsuit puts a dozen golden hula hoops around her waist and swings them around her entire body. A couple of people begin to line dance.

Once the rink closes, the hardcore skaters throw the cones and pieces of wood out their way and return back home.


            Rating: 5/5

The Moonlight Rollerway, and its regulars are the main characters. Gold lame, neon bodysuits, and 70s era costumes are in fashion. Professional skaters learn how to do tricks, rivaling any figure skater competing in the Worlds.

The standard Beats by Dre product placement sticks out for several reasons: 1) A turntable or even an eight track would’ve been appropriate. It’s nostalgic and fits with the theme. Beats by Dre is too modern. 2) she’s listening to music while music is already playing. It doesn’t make sense.

Elle King does fade into the background some as the action going on behind her is fascinating and too much to fun to watch. Nonetheless, it’s an improvement over the previous video. Full of color and rebelling against the mainstream, she has found a video that suits her image.

     Director: Brian Welsh  Year: 2016


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