Video Review: Toby Lightman “Devils and Angels”

Toby Lightman displays her mp3 player. It shows the title and artist of the song. In black high heels and ripped jeans, she walks back to her apartment, listening to music. On her way there, a guy is jamming to music, hitting his steering wheel like a drum while another man sits on a chair outside her apartment, dancing to the music on her mp3 player.

She stands by the stairs for a minute and thinks. Her boyfriend cheated on her and she can’t stand being in her apartment right now. There are too many memories. She removes her headphones and decides to tough it out. She puts her jacket and mp3 player on a chair and table, respectively and then goes to the turntable, putting her favorite record back on. She grabs her guitar and begins to play along with it. She finds a photo of her and ex-boyfriend and she tears it in half, throwing it on the floor.

The music in the apartment is causing the puppy bobbleheads to bounce their heads. The faucet leaks. She has the aquarium and television squished together in the kitchen. She really needs to get out of there and make a fresh start. In a photograph that’s next to her, she imagines pushing him out of the way.

She lies down on her bed, unsure of what to do. Meanwhile, drawers open and close at random. Her photos of just herself begin to sing. She finds a chair in her apartment and looks out the window. However, the blinds open and close over and over again.

While she plays the guitar, the paintings move up and down. Her boyfriend, in the torn, photograph, begins to move. Noticing the photograph, she picks it up. He waves at her, hoping she will spare him his life. But she decides to throws it in the trash. Resigned, he realizes where he is. No one will ever hear him scream. Then, she grabs her jacket and mp3 player and heads out for another walk.


           Rating: 2/5

It’s an average run-down apartment that her parents fear will be broken into at any moment and in emails, they keep sending her listings hoping she’ll get the hint. However, it’s an unofficial haunted apartment of memories, brought alive by music, that no realtor will go near. The annoying blinds, though, would make sure it’s never gets sold.

Then, there’s the issue of the moving photographs. In certain cases, it works. Her photos hung on the wall sing. She shoves her boyfriend out of one picture. However, it’s creepy to see the boyfriend in the photograph moving on the carpet. The, she picks it up and he waves at her. She tosses him like it’s nothing even though he is alive in the photo. It goes from “she’s really trying to move on” to “MURDERER! MURDERER!” in about two seconds.

Director: Liz Friedlander  Year: 2004

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