Video Review: One Direction “Perfect”

In black and white, inside the Intercontinental Hotel in Manhattan, each member is spending time in their own room. Niall is sitting on the ledge, his back to the window, drinking some coffee. Liam looks out into the city, thinking. Harry stares down at the city, his arms crossed. Louis steps off the ledge and takes in the view.

Liam shows off a photograph he took and then puts his headphones on. Sitting there, he thinks of a lyric and immediately puts it down to music.

Niall chills and plays some golf. Meanwhile, Harry, defiant, stands with his back to the window. He rips the covers off the bed and tears out the phone.

Downstairs, they meet a friend in the restaurant. Liam gives her a hug. During lunch, they talk and laugh. After eating, they gather for a group photo. Harry covers their friend’s eyes.

Niall plays the guitar. Harry reads a book. Liam sleeps by the window. Harry points in the kitchen. As the stylist dresses him in a jacket, his look sours and asks to try another on. The stylist puts another jacket on him and grins, saying it looks much better. Harry, with a piece of food in his mouth, is wondering what in the world he is eating, almost ready to spit it out.

In the hallway, Louis throws the soccer ball around and play with the luggage rack. As the band walks through a kitchen, Niall throws some food at one of his bandmates. Louis tosses something in the air.

Sitting on his back on the bed, Harry watches the clouds roll past. Then, in a somber moment, sits up on the bed and looks out the window. In one of the rooms, the band has a pillow fight. Feathers fly all over the place.

On top of the building, they stand and point to the audience.


             Rating: 5/5

Each band member is given their moment but it’s Harry Styles that overpowers them all. He’s mischievous and acts out. He doesn’t want to be typical. He does display a serious side and his charisma can reel in a giant carp from out of the ocean, surrendering to the sound of his voice.

Niall and Liam become like Backstreet Boys in their demeanor, discarding their millennial edge. Niall, golfing, as though he were preparing for an upcoming business meeting with clients, presents a professionalism that has been unseen. Liam working on his music shows a need to get beyond the boy band and perhaps a desire for solo work. Louis, however, acts like it’s not going to go away and apparently hasn’t thought beyond the current video.

Overall, it does help reshape their images a bit, preparing them for life outside of the group.

Director: Sophie Muller  Year: 2015


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