Video Review: The Bangles “In Your Room”

Past the lantern and entering the first green door, there are a series of doors. marked with keys. The camera enters the purple door with red trim. A drawn spiral of red turns, leading to another hallway of only purple doors with red trim. Another drawn spiral of red and green happens. Through the keyhole, one of the band member’s eyes can be seen.

When the back door opens, the band is performing in all-white outfits with a sea-green sea shell in the background. Squiggles of red, pink, green and orange are drawn around the band.

With the opening of another door, Vicki is in a 60s decorated room. There, she is in the dark, dancing.

Lights flash and another door opens. The band is in a bedroom. Michael is sitting, throwing a ball, Debbie is on the bed, reading a book, Vicki is facing the camera, moving her arm back and forth while Susanna is in the closet, looking through the clothes. Through another peephole, Susanna is in a black one-piece bathing suit, sultry and alluring.

After a quick visit to the sea shell room, another door opens to the band playing in a jungle. Returning to the 60s room, the rest of the band members have joined Debbie. Michael, with a headband that unfortunately covers her beautiful, vibrant red hair, plays her guitar like a cello. Throughout the room, there is a brief glimpse of a painting of one of the keys while patches of patterns neon green, red and yellow with their own individual squiggles and lines decorate the room.

Six doors later, it’s back to the sea shell room. Then, in another room, with giant squiggles of red, purple and green, Vicki dances. Opening another door leads to Susanna dressed in a conservative dress and hat.

Back in the 60s room, everyone but Michael is dancing. Through another door, it’s the jungle again and then back to the sea shell room.

A sunflower, with attached teal, pink and yellow circles to the multi-colored spiral, which is the magic key to the sea shell room. The girls play their instruments, with Susanna turning herself sideways and giving the camera a playful. The door closes on them. One final green door closes, ending the video.


                 Rating: 3/5

The room concept gets taken a step further than the song and is given a wider scope. With each door, there’s a theme and some work better than others. The 60s room, although claustrophobic once the entire band is inside it, is the most realized. The intricate drawings and patterns are painstakingly detailed that it’s takes several viewings to get a good view of it all. However, the mood lighting of pink and green, mimicking a dusky night, can’t disguise the plastic green turf in the jungle set.

Nonetheless, the band performs in a diligent, professional manner. That is until Michael’s snarky smile. It’s while everyone is dancing in the 60s room, It’s as though she gave her gym teacher a note to get out of the class for a month. She is clearly eschewing the idea of the 60s room and over it. It’s an unexpected, tiny moment of rebellion from an otherwise well-behaved group.

Director: N/A  Year: 1988

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