Video Review: Robin Schulz & Ilsey “Headlights” 

A drop of water falls onto the ground. A boy walks with a stick, running it through the worn blue fence, leading to the entrance of the now abandoned water park. It has been closed for years. When he was little, his parents would take him there to play. Although it’s only what his parents tell him. For him, the memories are vague and sort of blurry.

He jumps over the fence and maneuvers between two paint chipped slides. Walking past the empty pool, he sees a woman in a white bikini clapping in time to the music in her head.

Using his stick, he traces it on the ground as he walks to another pool, finding a woman asleep in plastic palm tree leaves. She wakes and takes a look around, hoping that maybe the beauty of the park returned over night.

Returning to the fence, he watches a woman dance while her friends sit on the steps, watching her. Another man lies in the center of a pool in his inner tube and sips his drink. While sitting outside, a woman, whose chemical peel has gone wrong, adjusts her bathing suit. Her blonde friend tells her it looks great and the woman smiles back. A couple hangs out a slide.

Three children throw sand and run around a woman in tan netting. Later, she takes one of the kids on a piggyback ride. Meanwhile, a couple of older men and women dance, using their squeeges as props. The boy has found a girl his age, hanging in one of the crevices. He inches closer to her and puts his arm around her.

A blindfolded teenage boy walks by the women sitting poolside. The blonde woman makes a grabbing gesture with her hand, indicating she would love to squeeze the boy’s butt. Her friend smiles appreciatively. On the diving board, he simply jumps off. A couple have an intimate moment in a tunnel.

A guy turns on the shower and cleans himself off with sand. A woman blows sand out of her mouth when she exits the pool. The boy and his friend have climbed to a tower, watching the people from above. A man slides down into the pool.

The man, drenched in sand, looks at the ground, wondering what has become of the place he loved so much as a kid.

The couple who was hanging out by the slide is ready to leave. She waits for her boyfriend by the sports car. She gives him a hug and they drive off.


                       Rating: 5/5

The water park, when it was thriving, made a lot of memories for people. It those memories that people hold onto, trying to latch onto something from their childhood or a part of their life that’s gone. Going back there is the only way to keep the memories real. Maybe, one morning, the park will be alive again. It’s a hope that everyone there hangs onto, believing that someday it will be true. For some, it was also one of the few places where they remember being truly happy and at peace with themselves. It’s a place of joy, which doesn’t seem to exist outside of the park for them.

Every individual has a reason for being featured. What they represent is entirely up to interpretation. The water park means different things to each person. It’s more than a loss of a water park to them. It’s something more, which tinges the video with sadness, undercutting the joy.

     Director: KRONCK  Year: 2015

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    For those who may be interested, the actual location is Atlantic Park, Algarve, Portugal.

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