Video Review: Zayn”Like I Would”

In a neon suit, which outlines Zayn’s chest in green and blue, leaving the rest of his body a moldable line, he stands in the middle of a pitch black background. Above him, a circle of blue light encloses him. The light moves around him, trapping him. With his orange eye, he is able to handle the excess strain.

Behind a red laser light background, a woman, in a ruby red leotard moves her arms and down. The red lasers have also expanded, evolving into a white light in the center. Along with more sections of red light, there are more dancers. As the pale red lights scatter, two camouflaged men join the first female dancer. After the dancers have left, he stands in room with the red lights, with his arms out. However, the female dancers return, their legs narrowly missing the beam from the light.

The first female dancer kicks one of the male camouflaged dancers out of the way. She gets them in the line and they join the other female dancers.

In neon green light, a woman in a neon suit, which is outlined in the same neon green light, dances, dodging the lasers.

The blue laser lights expand, moving farther away in like attached strings then slowly crawling back to the center. He walks within the lasers, reaching the neon green light, which surveys the area. The lights have powered down for a minute. However, after spinning overhead, the four thin spotlights turn on. The blue light twists in the center, while the spotlights encroach closer. The lights turn off, leaving his neon suit outlined again in the pitch black background.


           Rating: 1/5

It’s a disappointing effort from Director X. There isn’t any complexity to the lasers. They simply turn off and switch on again. Towards the end, during Zayn’s section when the light twists in the center, is the only time it registers. Then, there seems to be lines building upon lines and moving forward to something different. It’s a regression from Drake’s “Hotline Bling,” which it is trying to be and fails.

     Director: Director X  Year: 2016


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