Video Review: Lorde “Tennis Court”

Lorde, in a black mesh lace top, in black cherry lipstick, stands against a black background, her face pale white and stares at the camera. The light darkens after she blinks and smiles. After the light has returned, she tilts her chin forward some and continues to stare. She blinks a couple of more times and then mouths “yeah,” then the screen darkens.

The light returns. She stares again and then mouths “yeah” again. There are a lot of “yeahs” here, so there is much flickering going on in the background.

Once the light returns, she tilts her head to the right and faces the camera again. She puts her head down, scratching an itch by her eye and then faces forward. She tilts her head to the right and then back. She looks downward, closing her eyes. She opens her eyes and tilts her head to the right.

After mouthing “yeah,” she puts both hands on her shoulders, tilts her head to the right and closes her eyes. She opens her eyes, mouths “yeah.” However, the screen remains dark. With both hands still on her shoulders, she closes her eyes and looks down. She rolls her shoulders and finally moves one arm. She rests her eyes on her left hand, eyes closed and then opens them. She moves her other arm back to her side and mouths “yeah.”

She closes her eyes, tilts her head to the right some and lifts her head up, waiting for her cue. After mouthing “yeah,” the white light outlines her face. This happens about five times in a row until the song ends.


                  Rating: 4/5

Lorde is defying her pop star status, refusing to dance in slinky clothes. By doing absolutely nothing, she is putting the focus back on her music and the lyrics. It fits her artful nature. She may have some country club friends now but she won’t ever feel like one of them. The distance will always be there.

    Director: Joel Kefali   Year: 2013


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