Video Review: Dillon Francis & DJ Snake “Get Low” 

A man displays a torch. A blue flag is waved. A young woman, with her back facing the camera, snaps the bottom of her leotard. A girl with pink lipstick and a silver grill, licks her lips. A woman, in a blue leotard, walks through the smoke to get where Dillon Francis and DJ Snake are.

Sitting on speaker stacks, they are wearing robes and traditional kufiyahs. More women in blue leotards stand in two straight lines, their arms folded. The DJ’s flash their money and toss it in the air as the women dance.

Most of the women arch their backs, bending backwards until they are nearly on the ground. One woman moves her arms up and down, rotating each time. Another woman swings her hip. In a line, women with their backs arched, out of the frame.

In between, women bend as pink and orange smoke blows some few feet away from them.

Sitting on a stack of multi-colored chairs, the DJ’s keep their arms folded as four people arrive on bikes. They remove their sunglasses. Seeing the women’s butts, their eyes bug out. Soon, they arch their backs. One of the DJ’s stands with two dogs beside him. They toss money at the camera as the song ends.


            Rating: 1/5

Even though there are Middle Eastern elements in the song, there is no reason to wear the traditional kuifyas and robes. It’s no different from No Doubt’s “Looking Hot,” where Gwen Stefani wore a Native American headdress. For Middle Eastern people, it’s worn as a symbol of Palestinian nationalism. That’s not the purpose here. It’s simply worn to go along with the Middle Eastern beats.

The dancers in the video earn every cent of their paycheck as they perform back breaking moves. Watching them bending their backs and steady their arms in nearly every movement had to cause pain and a couple of hours with an ice pack.

It’s an ignorant video with hardworking dancers that didn’t receive the criticism it thusly deserved.

     Director: Mister Whitmore  Year: 2014

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