Video Review: Jordin Sparks “One Step At A Time”

Jordin Sparks leaves her apartment and begins walking on the sidewalk. Across a town, a man dressed in a suit, walks to his date’s home. There, she greets him in her dress. He puts the corsage on her wrist. With her mother saying “cheese,” he smiles for the photo. About a dozen photos later, her mother hugs her and tells them to have a good time at the prom.

At the park, a mom is teaching her son how to skateboard. She holds him onto as he slides on the pavement. After several tries, she lets him glide on the skateboard on his own. Soon, the boy is in awe as he skateboards without any help. He stops and cheers. His mom runs over and gives him a high five.

As she was waiting for her cab, she saw a little girl set up a lemonade stand. An older lady compliments the little girl on the lemonade. She beams.

In the cab, she passes by the university and sees a young woman with a car full of boxes, walking towards the dorm. She handed her mom a crate of her clothes. Her mom smiles, proud of her daughter. Her sister, with her arms around her boyfriend, tells her good luck and for her to call at any time.

On her way to the studio, she sees two children helping a man paint a fence. They later help carry in flowers for the garden. They put on gloves and plant the flowers.

She stops at a newsstand and picks up a magazine. After reading the cover, she pays for it and continues on her way. After stopping a tree to think, she reaches the studio. Once inside, she begins recording the song. When she finishes singing, she puts her hand to screen, with a message to a friend written in ink pen: “I Love You, Wendy.”

 Rating: 4/5

For most of the people featured, the milestones have been a long time coming. One man went out on his first official date, which perhaps could be the beginning of a serious relationship while another girl starts college.

However, for the children, it’s also a beginning. For them, what they learn now from gardening, skateboarding and opening a lemonade stand could impact them in their future. Perhaps with the confidence gained from her lemonade stand, the girl will have an interest in business and start her own company some day. The little boy could become a champion skateboarder. The possibilities are endless. Ray Kay gets that the eventual big moments begin somewhere.

   Director: Ray Kay  Year: 2008



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