Video Review: Cobra Starship “Hot Mess”

It’s 10 pm in New York City. Gabe Saporta, driving a van for Cobra Crew, weaves through the streets, which is a blur of lights from taxis, cars and signs. The band members are ready to work.

A blonde, thirtysomething woman stumbles out of a club. An employee of Cobra Crew takes a photo of her and sends it to Saporta. On his way to the club to pick up the woman, he takes a shot. The employee tries to hold onto while she finishes a shot. She tells him to get off and breaks away. However, he holds onto as she dances.

Once the band gets there, they hose her off, carry into the van and place her on a gurney. A drunk woman sits in the middle of the street. She tried to cross the street but forgot where she was supposed to go. Another woman nearly falls into some garbage bags. They pick up a bride-to-be, who was leaning into her friend. A twentysomething woman with glasses argues with her friend, pulling on her arms until she falls on the ground.

In the van, the women groan and twist on the gurney, sobering up a little. Saporta makes an announcement that they are getting to their last stop. One of band members does push-ups. A woman has taken Saporta’s hard hat and decided to dance right next to him.

In the back of the van, the women are ready for another round of partying. They are dancing with the band. A woman approaches him and he is in awe of her hotness. She throws him off the seat and takes over the wheel.

The van stops at the club. The back doors open up and everybody gets out and runs inside. Outside, the band members take a break. Nate Novorro checks his phone and says that Alex Suarez has to see it. It’s Saporta, passed out, and written on his chest with red lipstick is “hot mess.”

                  Rating: 0/5

There is so much wrong with the video. First, a band of guys posing as cleaning people picking up drunk women off the streets. It’s shady. They hose the women down like animals. They pile them up in the van and then drop them off at another club to get even more drunk.

They are taking advantage of women and think it’s cool. The purpose for women to them, is for entertainment value. They are there to be hot. With the women being out of it, they are not really being given a choice. It’s a male employee that is taking pictures and then notifying the band. Once the woman shrugs the male employee off, it means go away. It’s not like he’s helping her in any way. The entire goal is to get the women to stay drunk.

It’s unfortunate that in 2009 a video like this gets made.

     Director: N/A  Year: 2009

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