Video Review: Lukas  Graham “Mama Said”

A message reads across the screen that “Christiana is a magical place in Copenhagen” and it’s where “Lukas Graham was born.” An abandoned tire swing hangs on a tree. A man on a bike passes by a mural, with three suns behind a maroon background. An older man stands with his dog. A person feeds some ducks.

Sitting on the end of a slide, attached to a worn playground set, Lukas Forchhammer thinks of his childhood. He walks to a station and donates his hoodie. He waves to a resident of Christiana and gives a little girl a high five. He passes by another mural if a black angel, her arms folded by her chest and a sign that says no photos. He stands by the Christiana sign.

A fire burns in an embellished garbage can. There’s a sign for Pusher Street, where Forchhammer talks to four men wearing masks. After the visit, the band flies to Los Angeles to record a song. The music career has also taken them to New York. While sitting in the car, driving to the hotel, they saw the Statue of Liberty.

In between and filmed in black and white, the band performs for a large audience. He turns his microphone to the audience, asking them to sing the lyrics back to him. The audience waves their arms in the air to the music.

After touring, he returns home. He eats dinner with his mom, telling her about the places he has been. He poses for a picture with his mom. She puts his head on his shoulder and he laughs.

Back at the studio, a chorus of little kids is brought in to record their part of the song. The producer cheers, telling them they did a good job. As he was singing his part, he knew that he nailed it. He put his heart and soul into it. The producer gives him a thumbs up and he grins widely. Once the work is finished for the day, the band stands together in the studio, waiting to take a photo.


                      Rating: 3/5

Christiana is only in the video for about a minute and a half but it leaves a solid impression. According to it is a city within a city, with its own rules. Murals are a fixture in the neighborhood. The houses are homemade. Creativity and acceptance drives the society.

Then, the video moves them flying to the United States and becoming successful, which compared to Christiana, isn’t as interesting. Then, the concert footage, filmed in black and white, is typical. Unfortunately, after Christiana, the video comes to a screeching halt and stays on cliché until the final frame.


Director: Rene Sascha Johnson  Year: 2015

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