Video Review: Kristinia DeBarge “Goodbye”  

Kristinia DeBarge and a couple of her friends peek out from the porch of her ex-boyfriend’s house. He pulls his sports car in the driveway. Once he leaves, they run to his car. DeBarge adjusts the mirror and takes off.

While driving, one of her friends takes a picture of them. She takes her eyes off the road and pouts with duck lips for the camera. Her other friend brags brandishes her iPod. DeBarge shows off her pink Baby G watch. DeBarge sticks her tongue at her friends sitting in the backseat.

Meanwhile, she and her friends perform a choreographed dance routine during the sunset. In her individual shots, she is aggressive, glaring at the camera.

When her ex-boyfriend returns to the driveway, he notices his car is gone. Suspecting his ex, he speeds away on his bicycle.

As they walk into a restaurant, she sees a cute boy. She takes their food from the server, puts it on the table and then grabs his phone. She enters her phone number in his contact list and tells him to give her a call. After eating, they continue to drive around, listening to music. She whips her hair around. However, her ex slams his bike down, upset that he can’t find her. However, after venting his frustration, he starts his search again.

She checks her phone. A friend told her ex is gone. She smirks, knowing her next plan for revenge. Inviting everyone she knows, she tells them there is a party at her ex’s house. Against the tan wall inside the house, she holds her long necklace out and dances by it. The room shakes from all the excitement and noise. When he arrives, he seethes. She sees him, walks out the back door and leaves.

            Rating: 2/5

No matter what he did, her ex-boyfriend doesn’t deserve to have damage done to his house. Stealing his car for a joyride isn’t ok, either. However, at least it was implied that it was returned. DeBarge comes across as a petty person who is willing stop at nothing to make him look bad. Considering she’ll let her friends ruin his house for her own pleasure and then leave like a coward once he comes back is enough information.

Director: N/A  Year: 2009


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