Video Review: Chris Brown “Fine By Me”

Leaving off at the end of “Zero,” Chris Brown and his friends exit the convenience store. He tells them that he would like to speak to his girlfriend. His friends imitate his dance move that demonstrated his indifference to her. But he says he didn’t mean it. He says goodbye to them as they head left down the street and he continues to the right.

A woman in a black leather pants and a black, leather bra sees him and indicates him to follow her. She walks into an apartment building and leads him through several floors of stairs. She disappears into a door. When he enters, it’s pitch black. There’s a neon light sign reading “CHANGE INTO THIS,” which is a white t-shirt and pants. He takes off his clothes and changes. Stepping over an aluminum bridge, which lights up as he walks, climbs up to a couple more stairs and enters another room.

In the pitch black room, he is startled by a television screen showing an older man saying he “knew that he would take the bait” and that he was drugged. The man says he wants his drug back. He will have some of his minions kill him for his blood. After his evil laugh, Browns stands ready in a ring. Several demons stand in their corners.

He takes on the first demon. The demon is able to get a shot in. He panics and looks at his hands. Noticing he’s ok, he runs really fast. He knows his strength now and is confident that he can now fight back. After using his powers, he is able to win the fights and defeat his enemy.

In between, he is shown in a hoodie and then dancing in a blood red background, his silhouette a faded red.

The woman enters the evil older man’s chamber and says that Brown is still alive. The older man replies “foul” and returns back to his plans of world domination.


              Rating: 1/5

The evil old man is a stereotypical villain that isn’t really all that scary and hides behind a chamber. At the end, it would’ve been great if Brown had found a way to defeat him also. It’s a missed opportunity and makes all the previous fighting wasted. It’s as though Brown did what he had to do and doesn’t care if the guy victimize someone else. Which…wait, is an all-too familiar narrative for Brown outside of his videos.

The supernatural element gets repetitive with the constant fights. There isn’t any suspense. Brown gets knocked down a couple of times but nothing really happens to him. It’s a foregone conclusion that he’s going to win. It’s a matter of which demon, shirtless or clothed, that it will be.

Director: Chris Brown   Year: 2015


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