Video Review: Belly  “No Option”

Filmed upside down, Belly is walking through the desert. In his individual shot, he puts his hand over his eyes, shielding himself for the burning sun. He is the middle of nowhere and as he looks for a sign of something that exists.

On his walk, he sees an engine steaming. He shields his eyes again, seeing a glowing man in black who has two women appearing behind him. From time to time, they walk behind Belly. He doesn’t know what is going on. Meanwhile, a detailed statue of an owl is shown, its wings full out.

He and the two women continue to walk in the desert until he finds a car. He speeds off, trying to find his way back to civilization. He stops at the statue of the owl, noticing it’s the same one drawn on the hood of the car.

Apparently, there is a ritual that he needs to go through. He and the two women, with their torches, lit the owl statue on fire and watch it burn. He puts his arms out towards out, seeking out some spirituality from it. He watches the last of the statue fall onto the ground and sighs.


                Rating: 4/5

The owl statue is the key to whatever Belly needs to get out of the desert. Once it’s taken down, he heaves a sigh of relief, knowing trouble is past him. If anything, in the desert, he appears to be in a maze, wandering but not getting anywhere. The owl statue is the only thing giving him hope.


The glowing guy seems to be haunting Belly, as well as the women. Perhaps they are hallucinations. The video delves deeper with a speculative premise that could have several theories attached to them. Here, the sci-fi element reaches to be symbolic. Either way, it’s redemption for the awful “Might Not” video.

    Directors: Daniel Kaufman and Belly  Year: 2015


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