Video Review: Dream, Diddy & Loon “Krazy”                                    

The camera flies over the desert, stopping to pause at Holly, Melissa, Ashley and Diana as they dance in their tan outfits, which are similar to the pink ones they wore in the first video. With disinterested looks, they swing their hips slowly, their arms at their sides.

Each girl dances in a different section of the house. Holly moves her hips by the stairs. Ashley and Diana each are on a bed. Ashley is wearing a white robe and bikini. However, Diana is wearing a white bra top, white shrug and white crop tops. Ashley touches herself from her thighs to her breasts. Melissa plays with the bedposts. Holly is hanging out by a column wearing a tan bra top with mesh over it and tight lace-up pants while looking like a younger version of Gloria Estefan.

Ashley twirls her hair while trying to lick her lips. Oh Ashley. It was much more fun when she was wearing the pimp outfit. Unfortunately, she looks so uncomfortable that joking about it would already be adding to the shame. Meanwhile, Holly is pissed. Seriously. It’s as though once “cut” is said, she and the director are going to have some creative differences.

Finally, Melissa gets some a spotlight moment. She is wearing a white halter dress, stands on the bed and grabs the chandelier above it. She shakes her boobs. With her hair up and platinum blonde shade, she looks like a different person. Two years ago, she looked like a college student on her way to a modeling career. However, now, it seems like Hollywood has chewed her up and the only movies she can get are “X.”

Loon, appears behind a stormy background with lighting flashing. His white shirt is open, showing off his six-pack abs. But even his shirt is flying over him, threatening to strangle him since the fan is set on full blast.

Diana, so far, seems to be the only one who is at least playing along and into it during certain moments. She has to fake it to make and soon, it will be over


                   Rating: 0/5

It’s like seeing people you went to high school with who graduated with honors and had scholarships to Ivy League schools. Then finding out several years later, that it didn’t work out and they are back at home, serving food at the local diner with a failed marriage already behind them.

Holly’s bitterness is evident. She doesn’t even bother to hide that she hates being half-naked to sell. Ashley is trying her best but adopts a hardened, porn star edge to go with it, Melissa is the poor lost soul and Diana is surviving. It’s tough to watch them hate being there, not because they are sick of their jobs but because of the objectification.

Director: Matthew Rolston  Year: 2003


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