Video Review: Adele  “When We Were Young” 

While sitting in the chair, Adele talks to her assistant. The make up artist comes over to her to apply some blush. The drummer can be heard in the background, clanging his sticks. Every one chatters for a bit, catching up since they last time they saw each other.

Adele stands at the microphone, smiling. Everyone has taken their places. She tells everyone that they are doing ‘When We Were Young.’ The pianist begins to play the opening notes. Adele waits, then holds onto the microphone and starts to sing.

After a close up of Adele, the camera turns right, focusing on the sound crew and then returns back to her. While she sings, she puts her hand out and closes her eyes. The drummer nods along to the music and gives a light tap on his instrument. The background singers across from her stand with their arms to their sides, still. Only their mouths move to sing. As the background singers sing the title, Adele shakes her head and shifts her body to the music. After reaching a high note, she stares down at the floor, continuing to concentrate.

When she finishes, she gives the background singers a shy smile and shrugs. She puts the microphone back on the stand and comments that she “has never done that” before. She takes the microphone back out and laughs, saying “it’s a whole new me.”


            Rating: 4/5

Adele is a consistent live performer and the video is only a tiny glimpse of what a concert would be like. Knowing her music is depressing, she likes to joke and be goofy. The video, however, can be considered sanitized. There is no swearing. However, the band is professional than most offices are by 8:30 a.m. They chit chat but once they are told it’s time to start, the conversations stop and stand at the ready by their instruments.

Director: N/A  Year: 2015

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