Video Review: Lesley Roy “I’m Gone, I’m Going”

Outside of Los Angeles, inside a home overlooking the freeway, Lesley Roy grabs all her clothes and puts them in a duffel bag. After a quick glance to see if she has everything, she grabs her guitar and walks out of the bedroom. Her boyfriend steps in front of the hallway, asking her not to leave and please consider staying. She walks out the door and he sighs, wishing there was something he could say that could change her mind.

He follows her outside, watching her leave. She gets in her Jeep, puts on her sunglasses and drives off. He sees her turn the corner and then walks back inside the house. On her drive, she sees semis and fields. It’s what she wants to get away from.

On the beach, she and her band perform. The screen shakes and the waves crash onto the sand.

Sometime around 9 pm, she arrives in Hollywood. She parks her Jeep and walks down West Sunset Boulevard, guitar in hand. On the marquee, it reads “Open Mic Night” at The Viper Room. The stage manager opens the door for her, she continues to scowl.


                Rating: 1/5

Roy does not smile once. Every look from her is one of anger. She’s dismissive of her boyfriend and leaves without a goodbye. On her drive, her mouth remains a tight line. Even while performing with her band, her expression is serious. The topper, though, is her walking into club and not even acknowledging the guy holding the door open for her. At least say “thank you” or nod.

In the video, she’s rude and difficult to care about. She didn’t deserve her boyfriend back home. Fame and being a rock star is what she’s after and the boyfriend is of no use to her. It’s unfortunate because he does seem like the supportive type who was likely told he was standing in the way of her dreams. She has clearly bought into the local hype surrounding herself and with it, it inflated her ego and gave her a sense of entitlement that only her supposed peers could soften.

Director: N/A  Year: 2008

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