Video Review: Rachel Platten “Better Place”

Rachel Platten surveys the two couches with a table in between them with a stereo on it. On the screen, the message explains that she asked the people “if they could sit and look at one another while listening to the song.” She sits on the couch to the left and puts on the stereo. Her song begins to play. As she walks away, a message on the screen explains that she watched the people in another room.

A crew member leads a few couples to same room Platten just left.

On another stage, where there several ladders are set up and a red pinwheel hangs in the corner, she sits on a stool in a black dress.

The groups mainly comprise of couples. Only two mothers are included, one with a son and a daughter, respectively. A couple hold hands across the couch, swaying to the music. A guy pulls a strand of hair away from his girlfriend’s face. Later, she makes room on the couch for him and they cuddle. A lesbian couple hold hands. Another guy puts his hand on the leg of his girlfriend.

Meanwhile, a girl starts to laugh while her boyfriend gives her an admiring look. A little boy folds his hands and smiles at his mom. The mom returns the smile. Platten watches on the monitor, touched.

A mom and daughter hold hands. The mom caresses her daughter’s cheek. They sway together to the music. A boyfriend traces his girlfriend’s arm with his finger. A gay couple also hold hands. A twentysomething woman brings her dog. Platten laughs, getting a kick out of it.

At the end of the song, Platten surprises the people. They give her hugs. She sits down and talks with them. After the last couple has left, Platten gets up from the chair and leaves.


          Rating: 3.5/5

Platten wanted to do something for her fans. She gave them an opportunity to share a special moment with their significant other or child. Then, as an added bonus: they got to meet her. She’s helping make somebody’s day a lot better. As a celebrity, it’s cool to see her want to be with her fans and create a video around them.

However, it doesn’t seem balanced well. Platten gets a lot of time on the stool. While watching, it was great to see talking with fans and unfortunately, not every one is seen again during the moment. Some people are only shown once. Nonetheless, it doesn’t negate the all the good things going on. It’s only shows that sometimes work a bit more organically rather than follow a set pattern.

Director: Matt Stawski  Year: 2016

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