Video Review: Ariana Grande “Into You”

Holding tight and with her helmet on, Ariana Grande puts her arms around her boyfriend’s waist as they ride on his motorcycle. After releasing her arms, she admires the sunset.

When they take a break on the drive, she stands on the sand and pulls open her blouse, revealing her black bra. Embracing him, she touches his cheek, feeling the hairs of his beard on her fingers.

They stop at the Honeymoon Inn. After paying for their room, they hang outside. He puts her on top of the Ice storage container. She throws some candy at him and he tries to catch it in his mouth. They sit together outside and talk. She takes a long swig from a liquor bottle. By the marquee, they drink their soda and candy from the vending machine. She chews on some Fruit Roll-ups and he teases her, telling her to give her some. She says no and he takes it out a bite out of it anyway. He touches her cheek and kisses her.

With their carryout dinner in hand, they enter their room. They sit on the bed and play cards. She says he’s cheating and he says no. She takes the cards from him while he laughs. They decide to play another card game. He picks her up, carrying her in his arms and then spins around. They sit across the table from each other, tired from their drive and relax, holding hands.

Later in the week, she attended an industry party with her public boyfriend. She posed with him for photos. However, her attention was elsewhere while her very pretty public girlfriend was all smiles for the camera, as she looked away. In front of the reporters and photographers, he grabbed her by the arm to pull her closer to him. After those series of photos, her bodyguard/secret boyfriend said they were done. At the party, she sat alone while her boyfriend drank and schmoozed. She and her bodyguard exchange looks. A starlet then approaches her boyfriend to talk to him. He whispers in her ear. Annoyed, she gets up and walks away. Her bodyguard notices she’s gone and pushes through the crowd to find her.

Meanwhile, she grabs some liquor from the table, thinking that she would like nothing better to do but to be herself and go back to the weekend with her bodyguard.


           Rating: 5/5

She and her bodyguard have a playful, loving relationship. Around him, she’s goofy and happy. She doesn’t have to be a star. She’d rather spend time in a cheap hotel and be “normal” again than be in an A-list club where people claim to be friends but aren’t. It’s all business, much like her public relationship.

It’s a peek into blind items, giving juicy details while letting Grande be human at the same time. It’s obvious the public boyfriend is only about fame. She’s an accessory to him. But with her bodyguard, it’s real and not a tabloid item, which is what it would turn into if anyone found out. But it’s likely a blind item about a certain starlet was caught inebriated in a bathroom while her boyfriend was caught canoodling with someone else will be written.

Director: Hannah Lux Davis  Year: 2016

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