Video Review: The Veronicas “Untouched”

Inside the Marble Bar in Sydney, Australia, an orchestra plays among sculptures and paintings. Partygoers enter through the long hallway underneath a golden chandelier. Onstage, the band begins to perform. Before going onstage, Jessica Origliasso kisses a young man on a black couch. They cuddle and she puts her legs over his. She leans into his shoulder and laughs. She tells him she has to perform. He watches her as she walks away.

Standing by a painting, Lisa Origliasso and Jessica sing and hold hands.

Onstage, they perform with their band. Lisa walks through the crowd. The young man perks up and gets up from the couch. Lisa looks through the crowd, holding onto a white column. The young man stares into the crowd, trying to see if he can see her. Taking slow steps, he darts his eyes. Noticing her bracelet, he takes of hold Lisa’s hand. Lisa looks into his eyes and puts his hand on his chest. But she can’t do it. She walks away. Stunned, he tries to figure out which direction she went.

On the couch, Lisa and the young man cuddle. Jessica returns, plopping herself on the couch and pouts. He removes his arm from Lisa and tries to talk to Jessica. Lisa exclaims “What!” and gets off the couch, taking Jessica’s hand. The young man stretches his arms out on the couch, ticked at himself for screwing up.

                  Rating: 2/5

While The Veronicas are harsh, but the guy is kind of an idiot, too. However, the storyline favors the guy throughout the video, despite the band’s response at the end. The guy makes out with one and unknowingly, hits on the other twin. From the video, it seems like it seems like was an honest mistake. However, his immediate “oh, you’re Jessica, wait let me kiss you instead” is outright dumb. It’s like the lightbulb went off in his head and he thought “Twins! A fantasy come true!” It seems contrary to see what was seen so far of him.

The girls aren’t innocent, either. Jessica took off. While looking through the crowd, Lisa had a moment with him that rivaled the make out session with Jessica. Again, without any dialogue, it’s more of a he said, she said, making the “you’re such a pervert” reaction by The Veronicas at the end heavy handed.


Director: Anthony Rose  Year: 2007


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