Video Review: Miranda Cosgrove”Dancing Crazy” 

Miranda Cosgrove, laying in her bed, pretending to be asleep, smiles when she sees her alarm clock read 11:00 pm. She gets up on her bed and checks to see if her parents have heard anything. While she’s sneaking down the stairs, her friends, waiting in the car, cheer when she arrives. As they take off, she sees her crush walking his dog. He smiles at her and she looks down, shyly.

On the road, they listen to music and wave to their friends they see. They stop at the school and park. They race out of the car and run. They walk down the open-air hallway, passing the freshmen lockers. Meanwhile, her crush and his best friend are by the chain-link fence by the football field. Someone gets inside and turns on the lights. He and his best friend climb over. Soon, all the popular kids have scaled the fence and on are the football field. Some people pass through the outdoor cafeteria tables.

Everyone is on the football field, dancing and greeting each other. Cosgrave stays by a car, looking out for her crush. She’s talking with her best friends. Only a couple of feet of away, her crush is talking with his friends. They keep glancing at each other, wanting to talk.

She makes the first move and says hello. They walk over to the bleachers together and talk. He puts his arm around her and they hold hands. He asks if he can give her a kiss. She says yes. They return back to the party, an official couple. He dances with her by the car. The sprinklers go off. She grabs her boyfriend’s hand and they run.

Her friends drop her off. She waves to them as they drive off. She hops into bed and thinks of the great night she had. She turns her head on her pillow, ready to fall asleep. It’s 7 am, her alarm clock beeps. She opens her eyes, pressing the snooze button.


             Rating: 4/5

It’s the perfect night out that most teenagers dream of having. A secret party on the football field where no one gets suspended because the administration and teachers, mostly alums, look the other way, thinking of their same memories. It was the start of her and boyfriend’s romance. She also never got in trouble at all with her parents. They knew but also realized they were her age once.

It’s an idyllic version of adolescence that may not be realistic to all teenagers. At most, it’s an aspirational and wish fulfillment of the idealistic teenage life.

Director: Lex Halaby  Year: 2011

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