Video Review: Jordan Fisher “All About Us”

A marble ornament is dipped into water. Against a marble background, Jordan Fisher stands between a narrow section of it, snapping his fingers. At some point, a girl dances between the space. Another drop of water falls into the pool.

The girl, with back arched, pulls back and leans into Fisher, as he holds her. He steps out of the narrow space. Meanwhile, against a navy blue background, his back is turned and he grins. The girl runs her hand through small pool of clay.

Back at the marble background, the lights flash and Fisher begins to dance. He stretches his arm out and pounds at his heart, wanting love. He also dips the girl. In the pool, as the water drops it turns into metallic spikes.

Against a mainly black background with a white v in the middle, Fisher and the girl grind against each other. He holds her waist while she dances around him, touching his face.

At the marble background, the girl and several other woman dancers have joined him. For a brief moment, the girl and Fisher dance again, their moves opposite of each other.

Back at the mainly black background with a white v, he throws off his jacket. Then, the room now filled with both women and men dancers as they begin their routine. Then, Fisher jumps in the air like a gymnast, surrounded by only the male dancers.

He watches the main female dancers and then grabs her waist. She touches her chest. At the navy blue background, his back is still turned and he closes his eyes to reach the high note.

Somehow, the white v has tipped forward, almost dropping onto the dancers. Fisher is careful to notice it and not knock into it. Alone, he holds his crotch and sticks his legs out. Then, he continues with dancers. In the navy blue background, with his back towards the camera, his gives one more soulful look.


          Rating: 3.5/5

Jordan Fisher is sophisticated yet sexy. He is a grown man who can handle a spa weekend with the girlfriend, which the clay and the marble suggest. The backgrounds, at least, are modern and adult. The light flashing is kept to a minimum although there is plenty of dancing. The crotch grab, though, does not prove adulthood.

While he is far more convincing than Nathan Sykes, he still has a ways to go to be competition for Nick Jonas. But it’s a decent try.

Director: N/A  Year: 2016

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