Video Review: The Tuesdays “It’s Up To You” 

Outside in the snow, two men in snowsuits stare down into the camera while a snowboarder flies above them. Ice hits the camera and the snowboarder slides on the path. Meanwhile, Laila Samuelson, along with the rest of the band, play in a studio. She prefers to hold the microphone close, as it’s raised high, level with her mouth.

In her bedroom, with a blue polka dot background, she is in front of the camera, her eye on her boyfriend. On and off, the guitarist sits on the couch, playing.

Against a background that seems to be made of Jolly Giant Ranchers plastered to the wall, the band plays. Sometimes, behind a patterned background of mustard yellow and white, Samuelson lies on a couch, singing.

One of the men bike through the mountains, taking each stone on like it were a cement step. Another man, shirtless, scales the mountain. Eventually, the guy tumbles on the ground. The men, in their wetsuits, run with their surfboards. They stop, though, at the car and talk for a while. Back in the snow, the men, wearing their goggles and suits, stick their tongues out. However, it’s summer again. The men run to the water, with their surfboards. One of the men wipes out in the waves. Back on the bike, one of the men hop from one rock to the other.

On stage, the lights dim and flash while the band plays. It leads to party, where the band is playing. The men cheer at the camera and chest bump each other.

One of the men flies from a cliff on his snowboard and lands. Pieces of snow land on the camera as the men ride by.

In the bathroom of the house, all the men brush their teeth. The blonde guy checks out his teeth, making sure they are clean. Then, Samuelson brushes her teeth while an older man appears next to her, grinning. The men wave at the camera and say hello.

In the now empty family room, the lamp is on, with a tie-dye t-shirt hanging over it.


Rating: 2/5

The Tuesdays decision to mainly appeal to men is a puzzling one. It turns the video into a late night, syndicated clip show aimed at guys who are too hungover to go to sleep and need to watch something with testosterone.

The Tuesdays themselves are sweet but are stuck in 1994 with the muted colors. While they are given equal focus, the sports guys still manage to dominate throughout. Even at the party, they turn away the attention from the band. The band fades and they become a prop for the guys.

Director: N/A  Year: 1998


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