Video Review: Paulina Rubio “Don’t Say Goodbye” 

In a futuristic world, Paulina Rubio rides her bike, gripping the handles. She gets off her bike, takes off her helmet and whips her hair around. On the above ground subway, she sits, traveling through the city at the speed at light. She hears her stop and gets up from her seat.

At the club, she dances on the multi-colored floor. As she dances through the crowd, she says hello to her friends. A guy with dark hair can’t keep his eyes off her. She stops to talk to him. With her hand, she leads him onto the dance floor.

Outside, she stands underneath a pink PAULINA neon sign.

Against a golden background with white flashing lights, she dances in a lame mini-skirt and orange halter top. A couple soon dances, the lights darkened, their bodies silhouettes. On a red couch, she wraps herself in a white fur and lies down. She does sit up again at one point, revealing her translucent bandeau top.

They leave the club on her bike. He holds onto her, swaying with her when she makes a turn. She turns to look at him.

Underneath the pink PAULINA sign, she raises her hands up in the air, clasping them together and swinging them to her sides.


Rating: 3.5/5

The animation of the city and skyscrapers is really interesting. For how expensive it must’ve been, it would’ve been neat to get more a than a subway or motorcycle. However, the future part is dropped once she hits the club. It might as well be present day.

Without any cool animation to watch, there are plenty of awesome outfits. Her red, long-sleeved zip-up crop top and pants, which she wears while riding the motorcycle, is eye-catching. Then there’s lame mini-skirt and orange halter top, which is the most club ready. Then there’s the black lace tube top with a long-sleeved glove on her arm and white shorts.

As a way to cross over into the United States, it’s a complicated one considering the video is more European than American. She seems to be modeling herself off of Kylie Minogue rather than Madonna. But for the American market, Minogue is an essentially a two hit wonder, despite her pop culture influence. Unfortunately, she’ll get lumped in with her and promptly forgotten.

Director: The Brothers Strause  Year: 2002


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